Our dedicated staff is determined to help you make the best of a bad situation. If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, please feel free to give us a call.

We handle all aspects of personal injury cases, construction accidents, trucking accidents, motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death, dram shop cases and products liability cases. If in doubt, call a Dallas, Texas personal injury lawyer  and we can help find someone to suit your legal needs.

Led by a personal injury  attorney Jay J. Murray, P.C., his team of paralegals and assistants provide our clients with years of experience, inside and outside the courtroom.

We have secured significant jury verdicts and sizable out-of-court settlements for injured individuals and their families in cases involving 18 wheeler large truck wrecks and transportation accidents, dangerous products, defective products, construction injuries, plane crash, explosions and burns caused by gas and electric power utilities, medical malpractice, workplace catastrophes, and many other civil disputes.

We devote top resources to every case, including work from our valued in-house staff professionals, as well as any hired outside resources, which can include private investigators, medical experts, economics experts, accident reconstructionists, nurses, construction experts, marine experts, medical illustrators, graphics professionals and videographers.

Working as a coordinated team, we are able to transform even the most complicated disputes and legal arguments into compelling evidence that not only tells jurors what happened, but also shows them how it happened. We bring together computer animation, three-dimensional models, video recreations, and life like illustrations to make sure that judges and juries take notice.  Personal injury lawyer Dallas, Texas


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Dallas Car Wreck Lawyer App for Apple and Android

Dallas Car Wreck Lawyer App for Apple and Android

Dallas Car Wreck Lawyer App, a FREE mobile app for auto accidents is brought to you by Dallas Injury Accidents Lawyer – Jay J. Murray, P.C., a personal injury lawyer in Dallas, Texas.

The app is designed to capture important information regarding your car wreck and provides the steps to take following an accident.

Features of this app include:

– call 911
– take photos/video of accident scene, vehicles and damage
– accident report to email
– locate nearby hospitals/medical facilities
– locate nearby towing services
– contact a lawyer immediately

Learn more about the Dallas Car Wreck Lawyer App at Dallas Texas Car Wreck Lawyer.