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Van Accident

Vans with Passengers Become Much More Unstable and Easier to Roll Over When Driven Faster than 50 MPH – Shouldn’t Your Driver Know This Fact?

How Safe is the Average Van?

A van is considered a higher risk for roll-overs than car because of its size and the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a loud and clear warning about van accidents.

The NHTSA urged van drivers and passengers – especially those of 15-passenger vehicles – to take “appropriate precautions to guard against the possibility of a tragic rollover crash.”

The press release stated that these vans are at a much higher rollover risk than other passenger vehicles especially when they are fully loaded with passengers or luggage.

The NHTSA also advised passengers to wear seat belts at all times in order to avoid injuries from van wrecks – noting that 80 percent of all passengers that died from rollovers and van accidents were not wearing seat belts. The NHTSA also stated that driver inexperience seems to be a growing problem and warned passengers to ensure that its van driver has appropriate training and experience.

Finally, the NHTSA warned that van accidents are caused by the vans’ tires. Signs of wear or aging, or low pressure, on the tires are a clear indication that a van could unstable and can cause a van accident and roll-over.

The Fatality Analysis Reporting System (“FARs”) reported that are approximately 750 deaths annually from large van accidents and almost 2,000 deaths reported from mini-van crashes as well 32 other deaths from mid-sized or special-sized vans.


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