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Property Damage

A large number of the cases handled at our firm deal with property damage. Whether the damage you are inquiring about relates to an automobile as the result of an accident, or another piece of personal property, the following information may be helpful.

Property Damage Information

Legally defined by injury to real or personal property, property damage may be the result of:

• Negligence

• Willful destruction

• An act of nature

In lawsuits for damages caused by negligence or a willful act, property damage is distinguished from personal injury. In short, the amount of recovery for property damage may be established by evidence of:

• Replacement value

• Cost of repairs

• Loss of use until repaired or replaced

• Subjective testimony as to sentimental value (family heirlooms are the most common example)

Property Damage Due to Car Accident

Most car accidents result in some type of property damage to all vehicles involved in the accident.  Not all accidents result in injuries.  Other accidents result in both serious property damage to the vehicles as well as serious injuries to the driver and passengers of the cars.

To discuss your options in all types of property damage claims at length, contact our firm.


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