Posted by Michael Monheit
April 16, 2015 9:17 PM

zofran odansetron birth defects lawyer dallas texasIn our last article, we reviewed the two primary causes of cleft lip and cleft  palate: genetic abnormalities and environmental factors, or “teratogens.”

Our description ended with an overview of one prescription drug, ondansetron. Several studies have now identified a possible link between ondansetron and an increased risk of birth defects. In that post, we covered only one of these studies, an epidemiological review of more than 10,000 birth records performed by researchers at Harvard and Boston University. The team found that women who were prescribed ondansetron as an “off-label” treatment for morning sickness were more than twice as likely to deliver babies with a cleft palate.

…click here to read “Four Studies Find Possible Link Between Zofran Ondansetron and Birth Defects”…

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