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Bus Accidents

Church, School and Public Transportation Buses Carry Multiple People and Larger Risks of Injury in an Accident

How a Bus Accident Can Easily Occur

Bus accidents often may not occur as frequently as automobile wrecks but the consequences are just as severe.  In a report by the “University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute“, around 63,000 buses are involved in traffic crashes every year. Out of these bus accidents, about 325 people die from fatal injuries. This figure DOES NOT include bus passengers and/or bus drivers, which includes and another 50 deaths each year.

Over the course of the last five (5) years, there were 938 school bus accidents and 778 transit bus wrecks. T

The Factors in a Bus Accident

Some of the same reasons account for a bus accident or bus wreck as the cause of car accidents. Many of these reasons are due to some form of carelessness or negligence by the driver or by the company that employs the driver.

Reasons for a bus wreck include:

Traffic Violations/Driver Errors: The majority of bus accidents relate to driver error.  Driver errors include: Improper lane change, speeding, driving on the wrong side of the road, and failure to yield the right of way.  Other forms of bus driver error includes falling asleep at the wheel, distracted driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or DUI or not keeping their eyes on the road or keeping a proper a lookout.

Most school buses have seat backs that are designed to absorb the shock of a passenger slamming into the back of a seat. However, if the student is standing, this safety measure won’t help. This is why it is important the driver ensure all children are seated at all times during the movement of the bus.

Driver Fatigue: Too many hours logged behind the steering wheel. According to the “Federal Carrier Safety Administration Report”, drivers are not allowed to continuously drive more than 10 hours or be on duty for more than 15 hours at a time.

Failure of Bus Equipment: This can include bus features such as suspension, brakes, defective tires, faulty steering mechanisms, or safety lighting failures. Other examples of faulty equipment include emergency exit malfunction, unsafe gas tank and structural flaws. On certain buses, seatbelt requirements must be met.

Conditions of Roads: The conditions of roads and weather can be factoring reasons of why bus accidents happen. Road construction, heavy traffic, large potholes, sharp curves and icy or rainy weather conditions are all common factors. “Passenger Carrier Safety Report” is a database to search when traveling by bus to an event. After you put in your zip code and decide what type of bus you need, a list of passenger carriers pull up with a safety rating next to each one.


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