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18 Wheeler Large Truck Wrecks

Do not talk to anyone at the trucking company including its employees, its insurance company, its investigators, and its lawyers. You will be amazed at how hard trucking companies will fight cases on 18 wheeler large truck wrecks, and they will try to get a statement from you that they can use to deny your case.

Trucking companies will destroy evidence such as the black box, GPS data, driver’s logs, and even the truck if they think the evidence will hurt their case. If possible, we want to start working on a truck wreck case immediately after the wreck to prevent the trucking company from destroying evidence.

Types of Truck Wreck Cases We Handle:

  • 18-Wheelers
  • Gravel Trucks
  • Box Trucks
  • Tanker Trucks
  • Cement Mixers
  • Buses
  • Construction Trucks
  • Utility Trucks
  • Delivery Trucks
  • U-Haul Trucks & Trailers
  • Dump Trucks
  • Crane Trucks
  • Garbage Trucks
  • Commercial Trucks

It Is Very Important to Immediately Investigate a Truck Wreck.

It is very important that we take the following actions immediately after a truck wreck occurs:

  • Dispatch an accident reconstruction expert to the scene to secure measurements, photographs, and evidence.
  • Secure and download the truck’s black box data.
  • Acquire the truck’s GPS (Global Positioning System) data.

Obtain Witness Statements

  • Send out notice letters to the trucking company demanding that all evidence be preserved and maintained in its post-accident state
  • Investigate the trucking company’s licenses, insurance, safety record, etc.
  • Do a complete background and criminal history of the truck driver

Obtain police reports

  • Acquire autopsy records if the wreck resulted in death
  • Research the best venue in which to bring the claim

Why Truck Wrecks Occur

Many truck wrecks occur due to the bad judgment of the truck driver. However, many of those truck driver errors are due to trucking company policies or carelessness that increases the risk a wreck will occur, such as:

  • Failing to run a criminal and a driving background check on its truck drivers (many truck drivers have a criminal background record and have been involved in many wrecks);
  • Hiring inexperienced drivers and failing to adequately train them (many truck drivers are just drivers who are in training and have very little experience and have not been trained properly by the company);
  • Driver fatigue and sleep deprivation due to over work and over scheduling, which result in non-alert driving;
  • Driving more than the number of hours allowed by the Federal Department of Transportation (it is common in the trucking industry for drivers to illegally drive over the allowable hours and then falsify their logbooks and record lower driving times than actually driven – a complete check of the logbook and drop off times needs to be analyzed);
  • Overloaded trucks or unsecured loads (trucks with too much weight on them or loads that tend to shift can make maneuvering a truck impossible);
  • Poorly maintained trucks (to increase profit, many trucking companies intentionally skip required truck maintenance);
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (you would be unpleasantly surprised at how many truck drivers drive with alcohol and/or drugs in their system);

Where to Bring a Truck Wreck Lawsuit

Most of the time a lawsuit involves more than one state’s laws or court system. Typically, the truck driver is a resident of a state that is different than the state where his employer (the trucking company) is located and different than the state where the wreck occurred. Numerous complex decisions have to be made to MAXIMIZE the recovery against all of the defendants. It is very important to decide at the beginning of the case which state’s laws are the most advantageous to your case and bring the case within such state.

No Upfront Legal Fees or Court Costs

There are never any upfront legal fees that you will pay us as all of our work is on a contingency basis. This means we work for a percent of the recovery and are only paid if we collect money for you from the defendants. Additionally, we pay for all of the costs to litigate your case, such as the hiring of necessary accident reconstruction experts, court filing fees, etc. In essence, we incur the financial risk for you and only get paid after we recover compensation for you. We can typically add dramatic value to your case.

Our Experience / Access to Trucking Industry Experts / Law Firm Location

Our Law Offices have represented individuals and families in large truck accident cases across the nation.

We believe that Dallas is the best area for truck wreck litigation because the city has an abundance of trucking and medical experts in fields such as Accident Reconstruction, Department of Transportation Regulations, Black Box Information Retrieval, Sleep Deprivation, Distracted Driving, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Trucking School Training, Tractor Trailer Malfunctions, Orthopedic Surgery, Brain Injury, Earning Capacity Economics, Life Care Planning, etc. We regularly use these experts to present expert opinions as evidence to prove our cases. It is a great benefit to have quick access to such experts when building a case and immediately dispatching such experts to an accident scene right after the wreck occurs.

Truck Companies’ “Profits over Safety Philosophy” Leads to Larger Truck Loads, Driver Errors, and Mechanical Failures – Causing Significant Serious Personal Injuries and Wrongful Death

Why Do Truck Accidents Happen?

Money. Plain and simple. Profits over safety.

In recent years, there has been more effort on the part of government organizations and trucking companies to reduce the number of serious truck accidents and truck wrecks on the road. Big rig trucks, semis and 18-wheeler trucks are particularly dangerous when they strike an automobile and get involved in truck accident. Trucking companies claim they are revising their own corporate safety policies and procedures in an effort to try reducing deadly accidents, but, in truth, trucking companies still place profits ahead of driver’s safety.

Over 15 million trucks are driving on the road in any given year and over 100,000 people are injured in truck accidents.

Why is there a significant risk when driving a large truck?

A few of the causes of truck accidents are:

  • Speeding: When a trucker speeds in order to meet a deadline, he is recklessly attempting to move an 80,000 pound road monster. It is very hard to stop from speeding when driving such a huge vehicle.
  • Over-storage: When a trucker is carrying an unusually heavy load, then it is that much harder to stop the vehicle from speeding and from moving. Furthermore, when the loaded down truck does hit another car or a pedestrian, the damage is twice as severe.
  • Lack of maintenance: Maintaining heavy trucks is a necessity if one hopes to avoid accidental destruction or mechanical failure. If a truck is not properly maintained mechanically, then even the safest trucker in the world is at a much greater risk of causing an accident. All it takes for one horrific accident to happen is for the brakes or the suspension system to fail.
  • Lack of sleep: Truckers are only human and when they are overworked or sleep-deprived, they make mistakes. It’s important to realize that most experienced truckers are paid by the mile they travel and so want to push their bodies to the limit to earn a better paycheck. When they sleep, they lose out. Therefore, many truck drivers actually push themselves too far and end up falling asleep on the job-very dangerous in this type of job! The U.S. Department of Transportation has officially ruled that truckers cannot drive for over 11 hours after 10 hours of off-time. Unfortunately, truckers are now lying about their schedules and increasing the risk of truck accidents.
  • Highway Hypnosis: This condition refers to a sort of “trance” like state that occurs after a driver goes thousands of miles watching the same monotonous road scenery. Eventually they zone out and fail to register minor visual details that defensive drivers must catch to avoid a collision.
  • Blind Spots: One of the first thing new drivers learn when taking a driving test is to avoid the trucker’s blind spot. Most mirror systems on trucks do not allow the trucker a full view of the area behind them. Loud engine noise also tends to drown out any honks from concerned motorists. This makes it very easy to sideswipe someone else on the road.
  • Carelessness/Recklessness: Last but not least some truckers just have a negligent attitude and think that every other motorist should yield to them because of their massive size. Not everyone does-and the results can be deadly.

Top Mistakes You Can Make After An Accident

  • Trucking accidents have a number of causes relating to both drivers and the vehicles themselves. Only a thorough investigation can get to the bottom of liability.
  • Truck Driver Causes of Accidents
  • Truck driver fatigue when a driver exceeds federal regulations for allowable working hours
  • Reckless driving and speeding
  • Driver drug and alcohol use
  • Distracted Driving – texting, talking on the phone, checking emails, looking at GPS
  • Lack of training (sometimes even a lack of a commercial drivers’ license)

Truck-Related Causes of Accidents

  • “Dangerous Products Liability” – Defective equipment, such as bad brakes or broken restraints, which let material to fall off the truck and onto the roadway
  • Improper loading of the truck, causing material to shift and throw the truck off balance
  • Excessive weight

Other Causes of Commercial Vehicle Accidents

  • Defective highway design
  • Road construction that creates hazardous conditions
  • Improper sign age, which can obstruct the driver’s view.

Remember, any statements you make and any papers you sign after an accident could be used to deny or reduce your compensation. Talk to the attorney Jay J. Murray for truck accident before you sign anything or make any statements 214-855-1420.



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